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Jabber photo repository not working

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Last updated: 29 May, 2020

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From IAS 2020.Winter.1


Photo Repository for Jabber is configured as described in the system guide, but Jabber doesn't show up collegues photos.


Probably your Imagicle users "PBX Username" field, is not matching the End User "User ID" field in your CuCM.


Please check your Imagicle users "PBX Username" field, it must match the End User "User ID" in your CuCM.

When the Imagicle SYNC is in place (with Active Directory), by default it put the sAMAccountName AD value into "PBX Username" IAS field.
If you need to change this behavior, please follow this procedure:

1) Go to your IAS server "<StonevoiceAS>\Apps\Fw\Scripts" folder and make a copy (CTRL C, CTRL V) of "AdAdapterRules.script.xml" file.
2) Rename the copied file as "AdAdapterRules.script.xml.user".
3) Edit "AdAdapterRules.script.xml.user" file:
Find the following row:
<item value="sAMAccountName, user_ccmname::255" >
and change it as per your needs. 
As example if you need to map the "mail" value in your IAS users, you edit the above row as follow:
<item value="mail, user_ccmname::255" >

4) Restart "Imagicle Synchronizer" service from Windows services console.
5) Run the Imagicle SYNC again and check the result in your IAS users properties.
If your CuCM End Users "User ID" value is now matching IAS Users "PBX Username" value, Jabber should shows up your company users photos.

Article ID: 747
Last updated: 29 May, 2020
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