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Last updated: 01 Apr, 2016

To run IVR Module, you need two separate licenses. IVR Module for QME requires a valid Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise license activated on the same server. Besides, IVR Module for QME has its own separate license, which can be purchased separately from Imagicle Queue Manager Enterprise.

How the license works

The license for IVR Module for QME just unlocks the ability to create IVR services in QME. This feature does not affect the number of concurrent calls (channels) which can be managed by QME. In other words, the channels are shared between the two applications.

As a consequence:

  • The number of IVR services you can create is unlimited, just as the number of QME queues.
  • You cannot buy and activate the IVR module without buying a consistent QME license. For example, if you need to manage two concurrent incoming calls to a single IVR service, you need to buy two QME channels plus the IVR module license

The IVR service uses a QME channel when a call is connected to the service, and it is playing audio or waiting for  DTMF tones. As soon as the calls is dropped or successfully transferred to the destination, the channel is free and can handle a new IVR call or QME call.

License Overflow 

When a new incoming call requires IVR treatment but no channel is available, IVR will apply the overflow behaviour configured for the called IVR service. Moreover, an Imagicle Monitoring Service (MAM) event will be triggered to notify system administrator.


The IVR Module for QME runs for 30 days after the installations, with full features, allowing you to test and evaluate the product. After 30 days, you must activate the license or the IVR services will be disabled.

When IVR Module for QME license is missing or expired, you will still be able to configure the product (creating IVR services, behaviours, schedules, etc...), but no IVR treatment will be applied to incoming calls. Whenever a new call arrives, a MAM event will be triggered to notify system administrator.

How to activate the license

The license can be activated by purchasing the product from Imagicle. You can enable the license in the license page as described in the Application Suite common configuration section of this guide.

To activate the license, follow the standard procedure you can find in the General configuration section.

How to check the license status

As for the other applications, you can check the license status from the web interface, accessing the License page through the Admin menu.

Article ID: 154
Last updated: 01 Apr, 2016
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