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Last updated: 11 Jan, 2022

Imagicle Call Analytics is licensed per number of managed extensions regardless the number of sites or gateways and users. You can monitor the following directory numbers:

  • First Extension number and optional First Extension Number Alias (counting as a single license)
  • Fax number and optional Offnet fax number (counting as a single license)
  • Voice Mail number

After installation, the application will run for 30 days in evaluation mode with full features.

Acquisition is blocked when the license limit is overcome

If billing is enabled for more than 250 lines, call data will be acquired from the PBX and stored locally, but you won't be able to see them in reports until you disable the exceeding lines. This way you won't loose any call form the PBX, provided gateway configuration has been made. When you bring the number of monitored lines under the license limits, the miner process will start to import them into the database again.


The application will run for 30 days in evaluation mode. During evaluation, it will allow you to activate the billing feature for a maximum of 250 lines configured in the user's list.

How to activate the license

The license can be activated by purchasing the product from Imagicle. You can enable the license in the license page as described in the Application Suite common configuration section of this guide.

Article ID: 49
Last updated: 11 Jan, 2022
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