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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021

Budget Control module requires a valid Imagicle Call Analytics license activated on the same server.

Budget Control has a separate license and can be purchased separately. Budget Control is licensed per system. This means that each license is able to handle all the users configured on the machine regardless their number. Commercial details can be found on the product page of the the web site.

The Phone locking feature requires a separate Phone Lock license activated on the same server.

Please remember that the Call Analytics application is licensed by the number of managed extensions and Phone Lock is licensed per user. Please ensure that the Imagicle Call Analytics license and the Phone Lock License cover all the users you want to assign a budget to.

Budget Control must be activated on Imagicle web site as described in the Application License Status page in the General configuration section of this guide.

After license activation, you must restart Budget Control service by the web interface.

Article ID: 58
Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021
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