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License Activation

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2021

Phone Lock is licensed per user.

To activate the license, follow the standard procedure you can find in the General configuration section.

When the license is activated for the first time (and its status changes form "Evaluation" or "Expired" to "Licensed"), you have to stop and restart "Imagicle StoneLock" service in Windows Services Control Panel.


Imagicle Phone Lock runs for 30 days in evaluation mode. During evaluation, Phone Lock can lock up to 250 phone lines. If more than 250 users are configured in the user's list, exceeding users' lines are not affected by Imagicle locking engine. 

Old Phone Lock versions

If Phone Lock has been activated on an old UC Suite version, you need to explicitly decide to upgrade the service to the latest one. Upgrading the service results in the lock status of all IP phones to be lost, because the old version stored it in an XML file, while the new one associates it to the users list. The user's personal pin number is reset to VoiceMail pin number (if available). If the user's pin has never been set, it won't be asked the very first time user tries to change the phone lock status from IP Phone XML service.

To activate new service version, go to the "Manage Service" page. A button triggers the update. Then restart the service. Windows IIS is also restarted. Please login again on the web interface.

Article ID: 69
Last updated: 18 Aug, 2021
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