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License Activation

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Last updated: 17 Jul, 2020

StoneFax is licensed per channel, regardless the number of users and gateways.

The channel number is the total of fax calls (incoming and/or outgoing) that it is able to handle at the same time.

StoneFax can handle up to 90 channels per server.

StoneFax supports high availability clusters with hot-swap redundancy and load balancing, both for incoming and outgoing faxes. Each server requires a separate license because all the nodes are active at the same time (active/active model). You can add more nodes at a later time.


StoneFax will run for 30 days in evaluation mode. During evaluation, StonaFax will allow 2 concurrent faxes (2 channels).

How to activate the license

The license can be activated by purchasing the product from Imagicle. You can enable the license in the license page as described in the Application Suite common configuration section of this guide.

To activate the license, follow the standard procedure you can find in the General configuration section.

Article ID: 80
Last updated: 17 Jul, 2020
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