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Last updated: 10 Aug, 2021

Digital Fax is licensed per channel, regardless the number of users and gateways.

The channel number corresponds to the total amount of concurrent fax calls (incoming and/or outgoing).

Digital Fax can handle up to 90 channels per server.

Digital Fax supports high availability cluster with hot-swap redundancy and load balancing, both for incoming and outgoing faxes. Each server requires a separate license, depending on chosen active-active or active-standby required HA modes. You can add up to 8 nodes to a Digital fax cluster.


Digital Fax runs for 30 days in evaluation mode. During evaluation, Digital Fax allows two concurrent fax transactions (2 channels).

How to activate the license

The license can be online-activated from Imagicle Cloud Licensing portal. See here for more details.

Article ID: 80
Last updated: 10 Aug, 2021
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