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Microsoft Teams Custom Imagicle Application

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Last updated: 10 May, 2024


This article describes how to leverage Imagicle UC Suite applications within Microsoft MS-Teams desktop and mobile client, by using a specific Imagicle template.

Note: Imagicle apps are only available with MS-Teams thick client. Web-based client does not support Imagicle apps

Imagicle custom application for MS-Teams clients is available from 2021.Winter.1 release and above.

Please contact Imagicle to obtain the latest ZIP file including the Imagicle app for MS-Teams.

There are two possible ways to enable Imagicle apps in MS-Teams: by provisioning the apps at Corporate level to all MS-Teams user or by locally install the template in own MS-Teams client. Please find below both procedures.

Upload Imagicle applications in MS-Teams admin portal

Launch MS-Teams client on a PC and access to admin portal -> Teams Apps -> Manage apps -> Upload

Select the ZIP file provided by Imagicle and verify that the app "Imagicle" is published.

Enable Imagicle apps in all MS-Teams clients

Now all Corporate MS-Teams user can leverage Imagicle apps. They just have to click on  button available in left pane. A list of items appears. Search for "Imagicle" and select relevant entry:

The following window appears:

Hit Add to actually add Imagicle apps to MS-Teams' left pane:

Procedure for local template installation in one client

Upload Imagicle applications in MS-Teams client

Launch MS-Teams client on a PC and click on  button available in left pane. A list of items appears. Hit More apps > link at the bottom of the list, to get the applications browser:


Hit "Upload a custom app" option and choose the ZIP archive provided by Imagicle. If the template does not contain any error, you get the following message:

Hit Add to actually add Imagicle apps to MS-Teams' left pane:

If the template is faulty, you get the following message, where you can click on "Copy error" to copy the error details in PC clipboard:

Trusted Digital Certificate Creation

MS-Teams accepts third party applications available through https access, together with a valid, trusted Digital Certificate. 

Imagicle UCX Suite includes by default a self-signed certificate, not suitable for MS-Teams apps.

To add a trusted certificate in Imagicle UCX Suite, please follow the procedure highlighted here

Procedure on MS-Teams client's workstation

Open Digital Certificate and import it for Current user. Hit Browse and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities installation path.


If the Imagicle apps in MS-Teams are behaving in erratic way, not allowing to access some data or to perform some tasks, it might be the case you need to clean-up MS-Teams client's cache.

Please access to this folder on your PC: %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams  and delete all content. Then restart the client.

Please make sure that Microsoft domains are added in Imagicle UCX Suite IIS trusted sources, otherwise the Imagicle gadget doesn't work as expected. More details are available here.

Article ID: 806
Last updated: 10 May, 2024
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