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Call Recording Gadget integration in Cisco Finesse web client

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Last updated: 27 Feb, 2020

Applies to:

IAS Version 2018.1.1 or newer

Cisco Finesse Version 10.6 or newer


This article has been prepared in order to describe how Imagicle Call Recording solution can be implemented in a Cisco UCCX-based and a generic contact center environment, where operators are equipped with CTI-enabled Cisco IP Phones and Cisco Finesse agent’s bar, or other third-party web-enabled CRM/ERP applications/agent’s bar.


Application and Scope

Imagicle Call Recording is the solution that allow the recording of phones conversation, using always-on or on-demand mode, with the option to temporarily pause and resume current recording.

When a Cisco UCCX contact center solution is in place, it often happens that relevant operators/agents need to access to above feature.

Integration of Imagicle Call Recording gadget into Finesse allows the users to trigger the recording, pause/resume it and browse own audio recordings directly within Finesse web client.

Cisco/Imagicle Architecture

Calls from/to Cisco agents are routed through UCCX distribution engine, using preferred algorithm. Finesse web client is configured with a specific internal “Workflow” which is triggered upon call answering. This workflow invokes itself an “Action” item in charge of sending an HTTP POST message (REST API) to Imagicle server, including the agent’s extension number. When Imagicle server receives HTTP message, it immediately triggers BiB (or automated dial-in conference) Call Recording on agent’s phone and relevant RTP/sRTP streams are generated toward Imagicle server. See below diagram:

Imagicle server generates encrypted/compressed recording audio file at the end of conversation and assigns it to relevant agent. Above described Finesse workflow and action can be automatically triggered for every call (always-on mode) or by assigning them to a “Start Recording” soft-button in Finesse web GUI (on-demand mode).

Same method for on-demand recording trigger can be configured into any 3rd party web-based CRM/ERP application, providing they allow the definition of customized soft-button to invoke above mentioned HTTP POST message.

Finesse Workflow Definition

Finesse workflow is required when agent wants to enable always-on recording upon call answering. See sample below, where “Imagicle Recording” action is triggered by workflow.

Finesse Action Definition

Finesse action is required for both always-on and on-demand recording modes and this is the configuration which actually calls Imagicle REST API to start the recording. This action can be automatically triggered by above workflow or it can be associated to soft-buttons in Finesse GUI. See below sample, for two different recording methods:

First time Authentication

Imagicle REST API for Call Recording require Basic Authentication, this means that an Authentication header is required in the HTTP POST message. Since Finesse Action configuration does not allow to add headers, the user will be prompted to enter username and password, the first time the action is triggered (see below screenshot). The user will be prompted again when session expires (default timeout is 4 hours).

Please note that applied user's credentials for authentication must have permission level 10 (Complete Management) for Call Recording application; for the other applications, same user can be configured at the lowest level, that is 1 (Base access/No access depending on application).

Generic CRM/ERP Soft Button definition

Same Imagicle REST API to start the recording can be associated to soft-buttons into any web-based CRM/ERP application. Moreover, specific APIs have been developed to stop the recording, retrieve recording data or download unencrypted recording audio file in MP3 format.

Enabling Imagicle gadget on Finesse web client

Imagicle Finesse XML gadget file is available to download from below links, depending on Finesse client version:

Finesse 12 here.

Finesse 11 here.

Finesse 10.6 here

Once downloaded, please copy XML file into Imagicle server, in its installation folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS

Edit XML file and replace two <IMAGICLE_SERVER> occurrences with actual Imagicle server’s FQDN. See below:

In this file you can also change the fixed height of the gadget, 500 pixel by default, by changing two occurrences of the value on line 41 and 42. See below:

Now please login to the Cisco Finesse Administration portal, select “Desktop Layout” and amend it as below explained:

Inside the <tab> tag, add the following instructions and replace <IMAGICLE_SERVER> with actual Imagicle server’s FQDN:


See below screenshot sample:

Note: Please make sure that Imagicle Server's FQDN is pingable from agent's workstation.

The Gadget is then available to Finesse users, under “Manage Recordings” tab.

User should login with own Imagicle Server credentials. After login, the list of own recordings appears, together with start/stop and pause/resume recording buttons. See screenshot below:

UCCX/UCCE and Imagicle domains

The UCCX/UCCE and the Imagicle servers must be on the same site, this means that the domain’s name’s suffix must be the same. For example, if the UCCX/UCCE’s domain is, the Imagicle server’s domain must be and not

If the UCCX/UCCE and the Imagicle servers don’t respect this rule, the authentication of the Recorder gadget will not work properly.

Article ID: 731
Last updated: 27 Feb, 2020
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