CuCM CTI Configuration

For the Imagicle Applications to be able to monitor and control IP phones trough TAPI, the Cisco TSP must be installed on the Application Suite server. Please follow the procedure in the Installation chapter. Once the TSP is configured, you need to associate the devices to a new application user, reserved to Imagicle applications.

Create a reserved Application User on the PBX

Log onto the CallManager web interface and select from the menu: User Management -> Application User. Press the Add new button.

Enter a UserID and a password (e.g. ImagicleCTI/ImagicleCTI).

This user will be used by Imagicle applications to:

Application User Permissions

Required permissions vary application by application. The following procedure allows you to add the minimal list of permissions to let all the Imagicle applications run as expected.

1. Create a new user group named Imagicle Applications and add the ImagicleCTI user to this group. From the "User Management" menu select "User Settings", then "Access Control Group". Press "Add". Enter the "Imagicle Applications" and press Save. Add the ImagicleCTI user (if you did create it - if not, you can add it to the group later) and return to the User Group list.

2. Edit the list of roles associated to the group bly clicking the little grey button to the right.

Press "Assign Role to Group" and select:

Permissions details:

• Standard AXL API Access
 This role is used to access to AXL API for getting the list of users and devices using AXL protocol

• Standard CCM Admin Users
This role is needed to log in to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration (For AXL API access)

• Standard CTI Allow Call Monitoring
It allows our CTI application to monitor the status of the CUCM device using CTI (needed for Attendant Console, ACD, Phonelock, recording and for getting information shared among all the Imagicle applications)

• Standard CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring
It allows our CTI application to monitor the status of the CUCM park resources (showing these info in the attendant console)

• Standard CTI Allow Call Recording
It allows our Callrecording application to record calls

• Standard CTI Enabled
It enables CTI application control for our applications, needed by attendant console, recorder, ACD, phone lock

• Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Connected Xfer and conf
Same as standard CTI enabled, but for devices that supported Rollover mode

• Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones supporting Rollover Mode
Same as standard CTI enabled, but for devices that supported connected transfer and conferencing

• Standard SERVICEABILITY Read Only
It allows Imagicle applications to view all SOAP Serviceability AXL APIs, the SOAP Call Record APIs, and the SOAP Diagnostic Portal (Analysis Manager) Database Service, used for getting info about phone and devices in real time.

Device Association

When the Imagicle Applications has been created, and the ImagicleCTI user has been added to it, you have to associate to this user all the devices you want to be monitored or controlled. Supported devices are:

If Extension Mobility is enabled, associate the relevant profiles AND the devices. Please bear in mind that some Imagicle apps don't leverage TAPI, like Digital Fax and Call Analytics. For the Attendant console, all operators' phones need to be associated.

Real-time BLF status display on Attendant Console might be retrieved from the Presence Server. If not available, then you need to add all phones to this Application User. Please refer to the specific application PBX configuration section for details.

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