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Last updated: 20 May, 2022

UC Suite General Configuration

For Phone Lock to be able to run properly, please ensure that the CuCm Ip addresses on which the AXL service runs are configured in UCS System Parameters.

Please provision the users' database as explained in the General Configuration section of this guide, including First Extension number and a default PIN. If users are synchronized against CUCM, PIN codes are imported from CUCM End Users.

Note: If VoiceMail is licensed, the PIN must be 4 digits long.

Note: Starting from Imagicle 2020.Spring.1 release, Phone Lock TAPI engine can selectively lock overlapping extensions, if associated to different partitions and different phone devices. To enable this feature please populate relevant "Partition" field in Imagicle Users' list.

Note: If you are leveraging FAC (Forced Authorization Codes) or CMC (Client Matter Codes) to initiate an outbound call, please do not enable Phone Lock feature. Phone Lock operates at phone device or line level, so other phone devices/lines can still initiate outbound calls using FAC/CMC code of a blocked user.

AXL Configuration

To display the padlock or the phone status text message on the IP phones, StoneLock needs to know their IP addresses. It retrieves the IP address through AXL queries. For the AXL queries to be effective, please follow the steps to add an administrative user on the CuCM as described in the "Enabling AXL access".

Note: This configuration must be applied regardless the blocking technology you choose. It is needed both for CURRI and TAPI.

Managing the service

You can start and stop the service from the Manage Service web page.

If you hit Stop button, all phone lines are unlocked, but the status message on the IP phone will remain unaffected. They return to existing lock status when you restart service. This is useful if you need to stop the service for a short time.

If you want to stop the service permanently, select the related checkbox. Before shutting down, Phone Lock resets the lock status displayed on the IP phone. The operation can take some minutes to complete.

Restarting the service is usually needed only if you change the license.

Phone Lock legacy service

Imagicle UC Suites prior to 2020.Summer.1 releases offered the option to leverage the legacy Phone Lock service called "Imagicle StoneLock" and, in "Manage Service" menu, you could find a dialog to allow the transition from legacy service to latest "Imagicle StoneLock Enterprise" service. See below:

Starting from 2021.Winter.1 release, above dialog doesn't appear anymore and Phone Lock application leverages the latest service by default.

Configuring emergency numbers

Please login to Imagicle web portal as administrator and select Phone lock Global settings menu option.

In "List of allowed numbers when phones are locked" window, please enter a list of allowed numbers/ranges following these rules:

  1. Enter single numbers and/or patterns, one for each row
  2. Use the character "!" in patterns to permit any sequence of digits. E.g. 9! means "any number starting by 9"
  3. Use the character "." in patterns to permit any single digit. E.g. "9.." means 900, 901..

Service parameters

From this page you can also instruct Phone Lock to Block Incoming calls when phone is locked. In this case, when relevant DN/Device receives an incoming call, it is dropped.

Phone Lock can also Clean Call History on locked phones. If checked, IP Phone's call registry is automatically cleaned-up every time the phone is locked. You can also specify the retention period (days) for blocked calls history records.

Article ID: 64
Last updated: 20 May, 2022
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