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Configuring the Framework

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Last updated: 03 Nov, 2016

All the application of the suite are installed and updated through one single package.

The applications of the Suite are built upon a common framework. They share the User Management and some common setting. After installation of the package, you have to configure some general parameters which are shared between the applications, such as the PBX IP address or the email parameters. Then create the user's list and configure the applications you want to evaluate or activate.

The Application Suite can be configured through a web based interface. It has to be properly configured by these simple tasks:

  • Configure the parameters common to all applications: PBX settings, Email settings, Numbering Plan parameters
  • Configure the list of users, which can be edited manually, imported from a file or synchronized via LDAP
  • Setup specific parameters for each application, as described in each application section
  • Configure the PBX
  • Configure CTI on the PBX (CTI controller). This may not be needed by all the applications
  • Start the services through the web interface
  • Activate the licenses. No license is needed during the evaluation period
Article ID: 13
Last updated: 03 Nov, 2016
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