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Configuration Task List

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Last updated: 29 Mar, 2016

Warning: you must install and configure the Application Suite before being able to configure the single applications.
Please go through the AppSuite Deployment, Main Configuration, and User Management sections before reading on.

Full Configuration Task List

In order to create a queue and make it work, you need configure IAS users as usual.

Then to go through these main steps:

  1. Configure PBX for QME
  2. Create a queue
  3. Edit basic settings
  4. Configure special scenarios
  5. Date/Time schedule
  6. Configue voice prompts
  7. Define the set of agents/targets that will serve the queue

The following paragraphs describe the configuration steps in detail.

Quick Configuration Task List

The configuration of all queue settings, behaviours, schedule and voice message can be skipped during creation: the queue will use default settings taken from the global settings configuration. You can change them anytime after the queue has been created.

The only settings that cannot be inherited and must be specified for each new queue are:

  • Queue name (asked when adding a new queue)
  • Queue pilot number (asked when adding a new queue)
  • Agents list (in the "Call Distribution" tab)
Article ID: 89
Last updated: 29 Mar, 2016
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