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Configure your CUCME to work with Billy Blue's

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Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017

Applies to:

CUCME 4.3 or later (ex: IOS version 124-20.T)


How to configure your CUCME to send CDR files to the Billy Blue's macchine


Cisco Unified CallManager Express Configuration

conf t
gw-accounting file
primary ftp <BillyBlues_IP>/billyblues/ username <usr> password <pwd>
maximum buffer-size  6
maximum retry-count 4
maximum fileclose-timer 300

where <BillyBlues_IP> is the IP address of the BillyBlues machine <usr> and <pwd> are the username/password of the local Administrator on the BillyBlues machine.

Pay attention to the final slash (/) of the ftp URL.

The following command is needed to force CUCME to send CDRs to BillyBlues:

file-acct flush with-close

The following debug commands may be used for troubleshooting:

debug voip fileacct debug voip dump-file-acct

Article ID: 369
Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017
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