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document Importing from CSV files
Importing from CSV files and Bulk Editing To quickly to modify the same property of a group of users (bulk editing), you can export them to a CSV or to a Microsoft Excel XML file, modify it and import it again in the IAS database. To create a group of users from scratch, you just download a CSV...
rating 12 Dec, 2016 Views: 568
document Product Configuration
To fully configure Hotel Pack you need to: Decide the PBX numbering plan Complete the Application Suite common configuration Create the room list through the users management web interface Configure Billy Blue's 4 Configure StoneLock Configure SSAm Configure Hotel Link Configure CuCM...
rating 30 Dec, 2016 Views: 393
document HA and Call Survivability
CuCM HA and Call Survivability Configuration for Queue Manager Enterprise Call Survivability configuration allows you to re-route phone calls to another destination when Queue Manager Enterprise is not available, for example in case of network problems. HA configuration must be used to...
rating 12 Dec, 2016 Views: 679
document Troubleshooting
1. Post installation basic tests A very quick test can be made directly from the phone enabled for recording. This test will help you to understand if the Imagicle Application suite is properly configured. Place a call from the phone line enabled for recording to recorder pilot number (that...
rating 04 May, 2018 Views: 514
document Network Setup
Interaction with the company infrastructure The following protocols and connections can be used to interact with the customer IT infrastructure. Such protocols and ports must be Allowed in the customer firewall or NAT system. Protocol Direction (From Imagicle Server Perspective) ...
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document Troubleshooting
You can find troubleshooting guide here StoneFax web interface offers integrated diagnostic features. To test outgoing faxes: Log onto the...
rating 20 Jun, 2019 Views: 378
document Stonefax Troubleshooting Guide - How to troubleshoot Stonefax issues
rating 20 Jun, 2019 Views: 19
document Disaster Recovery HA Configuration for UCMA-based Queue Manager Enterprise
Skype for Business Standard Front-End pools in Disaster Recovery Imagicle High Availability applies also when S4B environment implements a...
rating 19 Jun, 2019 Views: 7
document Blue's Enterprise 4 - Installation and Configuration
How-to install and configure Blue's Enterprise 4: For best results, we recommend configuring Imagicle Billing performing the following steps in...
rating 19 Jun, 2019 Views: 4
document MRA Imagicle Desktop Jabber Gadget Fix
Applies to: Imagicle Application Suite 2017.6.4 and newer. Description: In some situations, Imagicle Jabber Gadget(s) for may no longer be...
rating 18 Jun, 2019 Views: 425

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document Configuring the Framework
All the application of the suite are installed and updated through one single package. The applications of the Suite are built upon a common...
rating 03 Nov, 2016 Views: 4056
document The Backup/Restore Tool
Imagicle AppSuite has an integrated tool which can be used to schedule backups towards a local folder or a network share. The backup includes the...
rating 15 Mar, 2017 Views: 3749
document Introduction
Imagicle offers a complete suite of must have applications for Unified Communications: the Application Suite for Cisco UC is a single package...
rating 19 Oct, 2016 Views: 3661
document Deployment Options
You can freely download the Application Suite from Imagicle web site. The creation of an account with a valid email address might be required. ...
rating 01 Apr, 2019 Views: 3409
document Network Setup
Interaction with the company infrastructure The following protocols and connections can be used to interact with the customer IT infrastructure....
rating 30 Jan, 2019 Views: 3408