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Reimport discarded calls Tool - LINK AI FILES-

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Last updated: 04 Apr, 2019
to version Application Suite 201x (any version)

Applies to:

IAS 2017.1.1 or newer


As advanced administrator (or troubleshooter) of a Billy Blue's installation with hundreds sites

when I need to reprocess discarded calls for all sites I'd like some tools (even a script, no need for a user-friendly out-of-the-box gui) to get the job done in order to avoid to repeat hundreds time the procedure to reprocess discarded calls for a single site using the related BillyBlues administrative web page.  


Copy in folder .\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine files: 

  • ReimportDiscardedCalls.exe
  • ReimportDiscardedCalls.exe.config


The tool can be executed without stopping Blues Miner or Blues Recorder. 

Running the tool, for each configured site, we’ll can see the number of discarded calls in the selected period. 

For each site the tool will do the following steps: 

Query the database for all the discarded calls of the current site in the selected period

  • Save this calls in  
  • .\Apps\Billyblues\EngineS\CARTIBLUESWEB-<SITE_CODE>.txt
  • Execute bminer.exe passing the txt file as input argument
  • logs bminer activity in the main window, reporting the number of imported/discarded calls 
  • wait until bminer exits

Known Limitation

  • If you press stop, the tool will stop to monitor bminer activity and don’t submit subsequent sites, but don’t stop current site importation. 
  • The tool logs only some progress messages, in order to show the user that bminer is running. 
  • So, looking at the previous figure, during reprocessing of site ‘Pbx1’ with 11 discarded calls, the tool had reprocessed all the calls, but it logged only bminer message related to call 8
  • Imported 0, Discarded 8, Total 8 


If you need to monitor bminer activity, please enable BillyBlues logs adding in blues2000.ini 

AbilitaLog=1 and open bminer.log with baretail tool.

Article ID: 666
Last updated: 04 Apr, 2019
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