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Last updated: 30 Jan, 2019

Retrieves the unecrypted MP3 media for a (completed) recording.

Note: an audit event of type Download Recording will be generated.

Resource URL

GET fw/Apps/Recorder/WebAPI/Recordings/{id}/Media

Resource Information

  • Request Content-Type: application/json
  • Response Content-Type: audio/mpeg
  • Requires authentication: Yes
  • Minimum authorization level: Call Recording Base Access (lv. 2)

URL Parameters

Name Type Required Description Default Example
id GUID required The id of the recording null 75A90276-E47E-4e9e-B463-E3C743D5FF3A

Request body



200 OK

Response body

The response body is a stream containing the MP3 encoded recording audio.

Error response

400 Bad Request

Id is not a valid GUID

401 Unauthorized

No authentication provided or wrong user credentials

403 Forbidden

The authenticated user has no sufficient privileges to access the requested recording.

404 Not Found

Missing id or recording does not exist.


Successful request

In this example we get the unecrypted media of the recording having id "75A90276-E47E-4e9e-B463-E3C743D5FF3A":

GET fw/Apps/Recorder/WebAPI/Recordings/75A90276-E47E-4e9e-B463-E3C743D5FF3A/Media

The response status is 200 Ok, and its body contains the recording stream.

Request failure

In this example we try to download a recording that doesn't exist anymore:

GET fw/Apps/Recorder/WebAPI/Recordings/014309c0-cc7c-4be1-b6ee-6011a67441aa/Media

The response status is 404 NotFound.

Article ID: 540
Last updated: 30 Jan, 2019
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