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How to restore Blues Enterprise 4 Standalone configuration in a new Imagicle Application Suite Cross Platform

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Last updated: 08 May, 2020

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How to restore Blues Enterprise 4 Standalone configuration in a new Imagicle Application Suite Cross Platform


In the new server

  1. Deploy new Imagicle Application Suite Cross Platform (installation guide here)
  2. Run Imagicle Backup and Restore tool, in Restore tab click on "Stop all applications"

In the old server

  1. Run "services.msc" (Windows Service Panel), Stop "Blues Service Host" service and Disable it from the properties.

  2. Copy these folders:
    Paste and replace in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine of the new server
  3. Copy these folders:
    <BluesEnterprise>\BluesEnterprise\International\[Select your country folder]
    Paste and replace in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine\International

    Paste and replace in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine\Web of the new server

In the new server

  1. Edit Bluesrec.ini in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine\BluesRecPro using "Notepad ++"
  2. Change all paths with the path of the new server
    from <BluesEnterprise>\BluesrecPro
    to <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine\
  3. Save and close
  4. Run "BluesRecPro.exe manually in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine\

  5. Check Icon Tray, double click on BluesRec icon

  6. Check if all sites are importing records correctly (if not open a Support ticket with Imagicle)
  7. Open Sql Management Studio (install it in the new server if needed)
  8. Connect to Old Server BluesEnterprise Standalone
    Username: sa
    Password: Bluesenterprise$

  9. Right click over BluesPro -> Tasks -> Backup

  10. Remove Destination path and add a new one where you'll save backup and run Backup and click "Ok"

  11. Connect to new Database in the new server using Sql Management Studio
    Username: sa
    Password: SvB1llyBlues$

  12. Delete IAS Database

  13. Right click over Database -> Restore Database

  14. Select Database backuped in the previous step

  15. Tick "Restore" option and click "Ok"

  16. When the restore is finished, right click over BluesPro -> Properties -> Files and set for both BluesPro_dat and Bluespro_log and set File Growth to 100MB

  17. Select "Options" and check if properties are configured like the screenshot below:

  18. Right click over BluesPro -> Tasks -> Shrink -> Database and click "Ok"

  19. Download ""  in attach and extract all in <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine\
  20. Double click on ExportIASUserFromBE4.bat (check if  IASUsers.csv in C:\ has been created )
  21. From Winter 2019, create new table in BluesPro Database using Sql Management Studio
  22. Right click over Table and select Table..
  23. Add sNumero in Column and save new table (CTRL+S) and save it temp_derivati

  24. Run Imagicle AS Database Configuration
  25. Click Next and change Database name in "BluesPro"

  26. Click "Yes" (moving request) and finish the procedure
  27. Run  "Imagicle Configure Blue's Enterprise 4"
  28. Edit for every site the path of BluesrecSITE.txt clicking on [...]
    from <BluesEnterprise>\BluesRecPro\BluesrecSITE.txt
    to <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\BillyBlues\Engine\BluesRecPro\BluesrecSITE.txt
  29. Click on Next and finish wizard
  30. Repeat step 28 for every active site.
  31. Double click on "SV-StartAllServices" in "<StonevoiceAS>\Temp"
  32. Open Imagicle web interface http://[ServerName]/fw
  33. Click on "Billing" -> "Administrative Page" -> "Manage Services"
  34. Click "Stop" Blues Miner and wait the red lamp
  35. Go in Admin | User Management | Import User from CSV and Select IASUsers.csv in C: and click "Import"
  36. Restart Imagicle server
Article ID: 659
Last updated: 08 May, 2020
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