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Last updated: 10 Mar, 2022

Contact Manager is Imagicle solution for centralized contacts management. Contact Manager lets you create an unlimited number of directories to hold the company external contacts.

The directories can be browsed, searched and managed through an easy to use web interface or through other Imagicle applications (e.g. Attendant Console, Desktop CTI, Digital Fax, Advanced Queuing...). The web interface also supports click-to-dial on Cisco UCM Calling Platforms.

The contacts can be added through the web interface, imported from a .csv file or synchronized with external data sources.

Contact Manager natively supports standard LDAP protocol. Moreover, Imagicle Meta Connector is available for synchronizing contacts from virtually any source (MS Exchange, OpenLdap, ODBC database, CRM ...) and make them available to all the company employees

Contact Manager is part of Imagicle UC Suite.

Public, department and personal directories

Contact Manager can create three kind of directories:

  • Public directories: everybody can see them
  • Department directories: these can be accessed only by the members of a department
  • Personal directories: each user on your organization can create and manage his / her directories. Those are private and can be accessed only by their owner

The limits to the directory visibility are inherited by all Imagicle applications. In addition when you create a directory you can choose whether all users will be able to modify it or if the contacts will be added or removed only by administrators.

Department Directories are especially suitable for large companies with many branches. With Contact Manager managing thousands of contacts is very easy.

Fully customizable

Contact Manager can hold five contact's personal information details plus five telephone numbers, with relevant "Smart Numbers" (speed dial). If this is not enough for the customer needs, you can activate up to ten additional fields.

The web interface can be fully customized. You can choose which field can be searched or displayed in the results list.

Note: the additional custom field are hidden by default. Displaying an additional field on the web interface or on the IP phone requires manual configuration. Please contact Imagicle Support Team to receive detailed instructions.

Article ID: 107
Last updated: 10 Mar, 2022
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