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IVR Module for QME - Scheduled Reports Export Error

Article ID: 548
Last updated: 22 Jan, 2018
Applies from Application Suite 2018.1.1
to version Application Suite 2018.1.1

Applies to

Imagicle Application Suite 2018.1.1


In Auto Attendant | Scheduled Reports | "Last message" field shows "Export Error" and the scheduled report is not sent.

In the log file ( <StonevoiceAS>\Var\Log\ApplicationSuite.Core.Service\QME.log ) you can find the error:

0116 00:42:06.177 ERROR { 49} [ScheduledReportTaskBase] Unable to complete report 
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Unexpected report name: TimePeriodAnalysisReport 
Parameter name: dataSetName 
at QME.Data.Plugins.IvrReport.GetReportData(String dataSetName, ReportFilterBuilder filters, GroupByTimeInterval groupByTimePart) 
at QME.Data.Plugins.IvrReport.GetDataTable(String dataSourceName, ReportDescriptor reportDescriptor, IReportBuilder reportBuilder) 
at FW.Scheduler.Service.ScheduledReportTaskBase.GetDataTables(IEnumerable`1 dataSourceNames, ICollection`1 detailsDataSets, IReportBuilder reportBuilder, ReportDescriptor reportDescriptor) 
at FW.Scheduler.Service.ScheduledReportTaskBase.GetDataTables(IReportBuilder reportBuilder, ReportDescriptor reportDescriptor) 
at FW.Scheduler.Service.ScheduledReportTaskBase.ProcessReport(IasScheduledReport task, CultureInfo cultureInfo, ISvMessageSourceBase messageSource) 
at FW.Scheduler.Service.ScheduledReportTaskBase.Execute(IasSchedule offlineSchedule) 


Bug in the Application Suite version 2018.1.1


Apply the patch in attachment: 

1. Stop "Imagicle Service Host" Windows service
2. Unzip the content into <StonevoiceAS>, overwriting existing files
3. Restart the service

Article ID: 548
Last updated: 22 Jan, 2018
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