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document VoiceMail not working properly (caller does not hear anything when calling the voice mail)
Applies to Imagicle Voice Mail Service (VoiceMail) Description In some cases, Imagicle VoiceMail may not work properly: when placing a call to the Voice Mail, it may happen that the caller does not hear anything. Cause “Media Termination Point required” flag has not been selected when...
rating 14 Dec, 2020 Views: 212
document 500 Internal Server Error in VoiceMail messages web interface
Description Opening web portal on Imagicle VoiceMail messages page returns this error message Cause This issue is caused by the high number of recorded messages (> 200) in the user's personal folder In the IIS log files (C:\inetpub\logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1) you can see this error: GET...
rating 20 Dec, 2022 Views: 371
document How to configure VoiceMail messages retention
Description: How to configure VoiceMail messages retention How-to: Download attached "DeleteSSAMFileOlderThan90Days.7z" archive and copy it to the Imagicle UC Server Extract all - Move "SsamDeleteFileOlderThan90Days.bat" into C:\ - Move "SsamMessagesRetentionRetention.bat" into...
rating 14 Dec, 2020 Views: 139