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Configuration Task List

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Last updated: 24 Mar, 2016

Warning: you must install and configure the Application Suite before being able to configure the single applications.
Please go through the AppSuite Deployment, Main Configuration, and User Management sections before reading on.

The following pages describe the configuration required to run and tune Blue's Attendant / CTI Server, which is the server component for:

  • Blue's One CTI Enterprise
  • Blue's Attendant Console Professional
  • Blues Attendant Console Enterprise

The following directions, if not otherwise stated, apply to all versions of the console, named hereafter console client.

Installation Task list

  1. Create the users on the Suite (server side)
  2. Assign a valid primary extension to the users
  3. Configure TAPI and associate devices
  4. Edit Numbering plan parameters
  5. Optionally, add external numbers as Speedy contacts
Article ID: 83
Last updated: 24 Mar, 2016
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