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How to reimport all calls

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Last updated: 21 Dec, 2016

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Blue's Professional
Blue's Hotel pro


Instructions for deleting all calls and import them all from scratch


1. close Blue's Miner
2. close Blue's Recorder (NOTE: calls placed and received while recorder is not running may not be billed)
3. make a backup copy of Blues2000.mdb (default path is c:\program files\Blues Professional\Blues2000.mdb)
4. open Blue's Professional.. click tools>delete calls .. select 'all' and click OK.. confirm deletion
5. find Bluesrec1 folder or BluesrecPro if you have an ip connection to the PBX. Default path is c:\Program files\Bluesprofessional\Bluesrec1 or c:\Program files\Bluesprofessional\BluesrecPro
6. in this folder, right click StoricoSITE.txt.. click copy
7. go to desktop and paste the file you copied
8. rename the file pasted on the desktop frmo StoricoSITE.txt to BluesrecSITE.txt
9. right click BluesrecSITE.txt on the desktop and click copy
10.go to Bluesrec1 or BluesrecPro folder and paste bluesrecSITE.txt (overwrite existing file)
11. repeat the same for each site you may have (SIT1, SIT2 and so on)
12. start Miner an Recorder and wait until miner has reimported all your calls (This process may take several hours, according to the size of bluesrecsite.txt)

Article ID: 377
Last updated: 21 Dec, 2016
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