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How to reinstall Blue's on a new PC with the same operating system and restore a previous backup

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Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017

Applies to:

Blue's Professional
Blue's Hotel Pro


Gives direction on how to move Blue's from a PC to another one, restoring old data


Please follow the steps:

1. on the old PC, make a back copy of your Blue's installation folder (default folder is c:\program files\BluesProfessional)

2. install Blue's Professional on the new PC making sure the following steps are observed:

- use the same version of Blue's Professional installed on the old PC

- when installing Blue's on the new server, make sure you install Blue's in exactly the same path (IMPORTANT: this is critical for this procedure to work correctly).
Example, if Blue's on the old PC was installed in D:\program files\BluesProfessional, the installation on the new PC should be installed in the same D:\program files\BluesProfessional

3. copy BluesProfessional folder (the one saved in step 1 of this procedure) to the same location of the new PC. Example, if your old folder was C:\program files\BluesProfessional, copy BluesProfessional folder from the old pc to c:\program files\ of the new PC, overwriting the existing folder

4. at the end of the procedure, please run a Blue's liveupdate from start >programs >Blue's Professiona l>tools >Blue's Live Update

Article ID: 365
Last updated: 10 Jan, 2017
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