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How to reinstall and copy Blue's from an old PC to a new PC with Windows 7 or better

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Last updated: 12 Apr, 2022

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Blue's Professional


How to install Blues and copy old backup folder from an operating system with different path (ex. C:\Programs\ in place of  C:\Program Files\)


1. Make a backup copy of installation folder of old pc (usually is c:\program files\blues professional\).
2. Install Blues on new pc, do not go on with guided configuration.
3. Temporarily rename the new installed folder e.g. from 'C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional' to 'C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional_old\' (at the end of this procedure it will deleted)
4. Copy old backupped folder (as step 1) to the new pc in the folder 'C:\Program Files\'
  it will result a new folder 'C:\Program FilesBluesProfessional'
5. Live update the Blues - Click Start -> Programs -> Imagicle Blues Professional -> Tools -> Live update

6. Open the file C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\BluesrecPro\Bluesrec.ini or
   C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\Bluesrec1\Bluesrec.ini and if necessary align the paths:

Example (just pay attention only to the path):

filerisorse=C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\BluesrecPro\language\BluesRecorder-ENG.lang

Dati=C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\BluesrecPro\BluesrecSITE.txt
Dati2=C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\BluesrecPro\remotoSITE.txt
Storico=C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\BluesrecPro\storicoSITE.txt

7. Close and save the file

Please note: if the connection to the switchboard is via serial com port the file to modified will be in folder
C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\Bluesrec1\Bluesrec.ini

and the paths will refer to folder 'Bluesrec1' not BluesrecPro'

as per step 6.

8. Open and modify all strings containing paths within file C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\Blues2000.ini


Database=C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\Blues2000.mdb
WorkDir=C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional
DbForImp=C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\Blues2000.mdb

9.  Close and save the file
10. Register the Blue's licence code - Click Start -> Programs -> Imagicle Blues Professional -> Registration
11. Run Blues Professional
12. Click Company data  -> Tables and Filters -> Filters
13. Click new filter
14. Type the filter name:  'Siti'
15. Click on [ Advanced ]
16. Click SQL and type the string:   
select * from siti
17. Click  Ok
18. Click on 'Update' button and correct the string of path in the column [ sFileDati ]
with this (example)    C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\BluesrecPro\BluesrecSITE.txt
19. Click on [Modify] to go on after modification
20. Click new filter
21. Type the filter name ' Carrier '
22. in the new Windows click [ Advanced ]
23. In the SQL window type the string   
select * from carrier
24. Click Ok
25. Click on [Modify] and correct the string of path in column [sDbTariffe ] with value (example:)
C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional\CarrierBT\Standard\Business (2009).mdb
26. Click ub 'Update' button to enable modifications
27. Start other Blue's components like Recorder, Miner and services

Article ID: 372
Last updated: 12 Apr, 2022
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