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How to Repair and Compact database and archive calls

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Last updated: 15 Jun, 2020

Applies to:

Blues Professional
Blues Hotel
with database Access: Blues2000.mdb


How to run the procedure to repair and compact the database and possibly storing the call if the database 'Blues2000.mdb' had reached its maximum size of 2GB


1. Close Blue's Professional and Blue's Hotel (also on any PC Client)

2. Quit the Blues Miner

     If the miner start again by itself, stop the service "Windows Service Host Blues"
     (Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services)

3. Backup (copy to other location) your database 'Blues2000.mdb' located in the C:\Program Files\BluesProfessional

4. Open Blues Professional

5. Click on Tools -> Archive Maintenance -> Restore and compact archive ...
     (this may take several minutes, this depends on the performance of the PC)

If the size of the file 'Blues2000.mdb' is still large (eg more than 1GB) is suggested to proceed with the storage of the older calls by following these steps:

1. Open Blues Professional

2. Click on Tools -> Maintenance Archive -> Archive calls ...

3. Select the period of the calls to be stored (for example, those beginning with the previous year)

4. Select the archive file (default is 'Archive.mdb')

5. Select the Flag 'Delete archived calls from main database'

6. Click OK

Restart the Blues Miner (possibly restart the service Blues Host Service)

Article ID: 403
Last updated: 15 Jun, 2020
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