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Microsoft Calendar Integration - OAuth2 Authentication

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Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021

This authentication method is supported by Imagicle UC Suite, starting from 2021.Spring.1 release, and it relays on advanced OAuth2 authentication available for cloud-based Office 365 email service. Previous Imagicle releases were supporting OAuth2 basic authentication, which is dismissed by Microsoft starting from July 2021.


In order to enable Microsoft Calendar Integration, interfaced to Microsoft Office 365 cloud service using OAuth2 authentication, you must configure an application on Azure Web Portal, taking note of Application ID and Directory ID, needed later on while configuring this authentication method on Imagicle UC Suite. Please read the following procedure to create a new application on Azure portal and add it to UC Suite web interface.

Azure web portal configurations

Please access to Azure portal and go to "App Registrations"

Click on "New registration" and choose a name like "AttendantConsoleCalendar". Then select "Accounts in this organizational directory only" and hit "Register"

The following window appears, including Application ID and Directory ID. Please copy both data, for later usage.

Now access on "API permission" section and click on "Add permissions". Please select "API’s my organization users" and search for "Office 365 Exchange online".

Select "Office 365 Exhange online" and then select "Delegated Permissions"

Please flag “EWS.AccessAsUser.All” and then click on “Add permissions”

Once permission has been assigned, you must authorize it for your organization, by clicking on "Grant admin consent for <company_name>". Then hit "Yes" on confirmation dialog.

Now access to “Authentication” section, click on “Add a platform” and then click on “Mobile and desktop application”:

Please flag the first URL option and then click on “Configure”:

UC Suite configurations

Imagicle UC Suite can be interfaced either to an on-prem MS-Exchange server or to MS-Office 365. Configurations are provided for both email systems.

Please access to Imagicle web portal as administrator and go to Attendant Console ⇒ Application Settings ⇒ Calendar Integration Settings.

Microsoft Exchange

Please populate the following fields:

  • Provider:                        Exchange
  • Version:                          From Exchange 2007 SP1 up to 2013 SP1 or newer
  • EWS URL:                      Customer's EWS access URL (see below sample)
  • Data refresh interval:    Interval in seconds between each calendar refresh

Office 365

Please populate the following fields:

  • Provider:                        Office 365
  • Grant Basic Authentication: This flag enables basic EWS authentication, just using username and password. We strongly suggest NOT to implement this type of authentication, because it is under dismission by Microsoft.
  • Grant Modern Authentication: This flag enabled modern OAuth2 authentication, where two new parameters are used to access calendars:
    • Directory (tenant) ID:     This is the tenant ID previously retrieved from Azure (see above)
    • Application (client) ID:   This is the client ID previously retrieved from Azure (see above)

You can keep both authentications enabled. In this case, a warning is displayed once configuration is saved.

To enable this feature on Attendant Console client, please refer to our user's guides, available to download in this page.

Article ID: 839
Last updated: 08 Apr, 2021
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