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The Contact Manager lookup doesn't work - Troubleshooting basics

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Last updated: 09 Aug, 2021

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Troubleshooting XML service in Contact Manager


Contact Manager Directory Lookup – Caller ID Service

Please double-check the Contact Manager configuration in the system guide.

Cisco PBX Configuration

It can be that theDirectories are available on the IP Phone when pressing the Directory button,but the Caller ID popup is not displayed. 

When the Application Suiteconfiguration is not correct, no error is displayed on the IP Phone but thepopup is not displayed.

These are the most common problems:

License expired

This can be easilychecked through the "Licenses" web page.

Some Imagicle Services are stopped

Please check in the Windows Service Manager thatthe following services are running (start | Run | services.msc):

"ImagicleService Host", "Imagicle AXL service", "Imagicle Phone Control"

No IAS user can be associated to the IP Phone

Please check that in IAS such user exists, andthat his/her properties which are used to associate the IP phone are correctlyset (primary extension, MAC address, Pbx username). Please verify the deviceassociation in the IAS diagnostic page (Main | Support |PBX Devices:Details). From this pageyou can also test the popup through a button.
A message should be displayed on the associated IP device.

The phone IP address is not available in the IAS database

Please check the device IP address through the IAS diagnostic page.
If it is missing, please check that AXL is correctly configured (and doublecheck the password)

Enabling AXL

The AXL service must be running on the CUCM node configured on the IAS (On CUCM9.1: CiscoUnified Serviceability --> Tools --> Service Activation --> Cisco AXLWeb Service).
You can restart such service on the CuCM through Cisco Unified Serviceability.

The IP Phone cannot be controller by the IAS through TAPI

Please check the flag on the IAS diagnostic webpage in the"Detected by TAPI" column. You could also look for the device and line in the Windows TAPI snap-in (running "tapimgmt.msc"). If the device is not listed there, you need to associate theIP phone to the ImagicleCTI application user in CUCM.
Another helpful tool is "Phone.exe", located in <StonevoiceAS install dir>\Troubleshooting

Failed IP Phone authorization

Please execute a test from the IAS diagnosticpage (see above). If the "authorization error" message is displayed in the webpage, please check the "URL authentication" on the IP phone and set it on theCuCM in the IP Phone properties (or in the Enterprise Parameters) like this:


Calling number is not matched

This can have several causes.

a) The calling number is not listed in anydirectory available to the IAS user associated to the phone. It can be listedin a directory which is owned by another user or associated to a specificdepartment. Check that the contact is available to the user searching for itthrough the directories button on the IP phone.

b) Number mismatch because of the IncomingPrefix
If the voice gateway or the PBX adds a ‘0' (o another prefix) before the callingnumber, that prefix must also be specified in the IAS (Administration | SystemParameters | Numbering Plan Settings) as Incoming Prefix.

WARNING: some CuCMconfigurations cause the calling number to be displayed on the IP Phone to bedifferent to the one received by Contact Manager in the TAPI signaling. Please check thetrue number through the Call History of the IP phone, which, usually, is thesame number seen through TAPI.

Other information can be gatherer enabling debuglogs in Speed, placing a test call and looking in this file:varlogApplicationSuite.Core.ServiceSpeedy.log.txt
for a line similar to:

DEBUG { 32}[LookupAgent] FormatDetailsOfCallerNumber(user=nome_utente,CLI=034567890123):Search returned no contact in 52 ms.

This tells the user associated to the Ip device,to the calling number received by Contact Manager (CLI), and to the number of matches inthe directories.

When the call arrives, the Display name has already been set by the PBX inthe signaling

In this case, by design, Contact Manager does not send thepopup to the phone. You can force the popup to be sent anyway through a hiddenparameter. Contact Manager Caller ID service does not rely on the calling number length(as the Imagicle Attendant Console does).

The popup http message is too long

The maximum body size for the message supportedby Cisco IP Phones is 512 bytes. This case can be verified through Contact Manager logsand it is triggered when you add too many custom fields to the information tobe displayed or if a First Name/Last Name is too long. In this case you have todisable some additional filed or to shorten the contact data.

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Article ID: 409
Last updated: 09 Aug, 2021
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