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Last updated: 21 Jun, 2022

Imagicle VoiceMail is a complete voicemail solution which extends the features of Cisco UCM-based IP Telephony solutions.

Imagicle VoiceMail delivers a personal Voice Mail with advanced functionalities of messages management and consultation.

VoiceMail users have a better access and control over their communications.

VoiceMail collects voice messages when a user can't answer a call and allows him/her to access and manage these messages from anywhere, at any time, regardless of access device or media type.

Users can access their voice messages through:

  • Web Browser
  • E-mail
  • IP phone
  • Traditional fixed/mobile phones

Product architecture

Imagicle VoiceMail is built on different modules:

  • voicemail recording
  • voicemail notifying
  • voicemail managing

Each directory number (extension) configured on Cisco UCM requires a dedicated voicemail number to forward unanswered incoming calls to record and store an audio message in the right voice mailbox.

As an alternative, Imagicle VoiceMail also supports unanswered calls redirection to a single VoiceMail pilot number, where each access to VoiceMail is correlated to relevant user by its redirecting number (ext. number).

As an example: 0759379300 calls ext. 325 which is not available to answer. After the configured No Answer Timeout (on CUCM), the call is forwarded to the number 9325 corresponding to own voicemail number. By leveraging "Redirecting Number" CUCM feature, you can otherwise redirect the unanswered call VM Pilot Number 9999 (same to all users). The personal welcome message is played to the caller, which is invited to leave a message. Caller leaves a message and hangs up.

This is the voicemail recording module job: answer the call, prompt a welcome and record the message.

When the call ends, Imagicle VoiceMail sends a message waiting indication (MWI) to above 325 IP Phone to turn on its messages light and, if enabled in the user profile, the recorded message is sent through E-Mail and/or notified to a mobile phone.

This is the voicemail notifying module job: to switch on-off the MWI and notify voicemail to email. The email messages are localized in the user's language and the message templates can be edited.

Then the voicemail attendant system provides access to voicemails by:

  • Web Browser
  • E-mail
  • IP phone
  • Traditional phone (PSTN/GSM)

While using phones, users can dial the voicemail pilot number assigned to VoiceMail.

VoiceMail answers the call and drive the caller through a complete attendant system to:

  • Manage new messages (listen/delete/save/repeat/forward/details)
  • Manage saved messages (listen/delete/repeat/forward/details)
  • Record new welcome messages (record/listen back/repeat recording/activate)
  • Record new assisted welcome messages (record/listen/repeat recording/activate)
  • Manage welcome messages (listen/delete/repeat/activate)
  • Change the personal voicemail pin
  • Listen to message details

Note: the assisted welcome message is composed by a standard header announcing "You are connected to the voicemail of" and you name

Imagicle VoiceMail communicates with Cisco UCM through H.323 protocol using either G.711 or G.729 codecs for audio. G.729 is not available during the evaluation period.

Article ID: 121
Last updated: 21 Jun, 2022
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