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Last updated: 21 Jun, 2022

Users list

The fields involved for the voicemail configuration are:

  • First extension number: identifies the user's extension number
  • Enable Call Analytics for voicemail number: If selected, Imagicle Call Analytics monitors all incoming calls hitting user's voice mail number. This option consumes one additional Call Analytics user's license.
  • Voicemail number: identifies a personal voice mailbox number or a common VoiceMail pilot number, if CUCM "Redirecting Number" feature is enabled.
  • Pin: this will be required by the integrated IVR to authenticate the user. It must be 4 digits long
  • Voicemail address: specific email address to forward voicemail messages (no value means no notification)
  • Do not keep sent voicemails: if this checkbox is set, the voicemail messages delivered by email are not stored. The MWI never turns on.

Users permissions

By selecting the "User permissions" icon from the Admin -> User Management link, you can specify the user's access to the voicemail. This can be Basic Access (leveI 1) or Complete Management (level 10). Basic access allows to manage own messages through the web interface and to change the personal preferences; Complete Management allows to manage global settings and to start or stop the service.

Creating a voicemail numbering plan

If you wish to associate a personal VoiceMail number to each user, we suggest to reserve a range of internal, unused numbers for this purpose.

As an example, you can reserve a numbering range including a prefix (i.e. 9..) + ext. number for voicemail boxes.

Ext. 301 is assigned to voicemail 9301, 302 to 9302, etc...

Once again, you can always choose to assign same VM Pilot Number to each user and leverage CUCM "Redirecting Number" feature.

Global SMTP settings

Voicemail forwarding to email will work only if the general SMTP settings are properly configured. See SMTP Configuration here.

Configuration example

If your internal numbering plans have more than 3 digits:

  • You have reserved 3xx numbers for the phone extensions of the users
  • You will reserve 9xx numbers for the related voicemail boxes
  • You will reserve 999 for voicemail pilot number

Then we will create a TEST user to test voicemail features with the following parameters:

  • Name and Surname: Christian Bianchi
  • Phone number: 325
  • Fax number: 925
  • Email address:

Configuring the Pilot Number

The pilot number is unique reserved internal number which all the users calls to listen to their messages. VoiceMail identifies correct voicemail box to consult based on the caller number. If caller number is hidden/not available, VoiceMail asks to enter personal PIN number.

To configure the voicemail pilot on the Imagicle UC Suite, click on the Admin link, then on "System parameters" and "IP Telephony system". Here you need to specify:

  • Voicemail number: identifies the voicemail pilot number to call in order to access the voicemail messages.
  • MWI number: the prefix to be called to turn MWI on or off on Cisco IP Phones
Article ID: 122
Last updated: 21 Jun, 2022
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