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Enable different IP Phone lock notification methods, for different Cisco phone models/series

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Last updated: 16 Sep, 2020

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Stonelock application, starting from IAS 2020.Winter.1 release


An internal IAS settings allows to apply different lock notification methods, for different IP Phone models


Please access to Imagicle server's file system through a Remote Desktop session

Edit the following file:

C:\Program Files(x86)\StonevoiceAS\Apps\ApplicationSuite\Settings\ApplicationSuite.ini

Add a line for each phone model you want to customize, with the following format (i.e. Cisco 7941):

Phone.Features.Cisco 7941=LineText,StatusText,StatusFile

Available argument for above command are:

  • StatusFile: XML popup is pushed to phone display, including "lock" icon and text notification
  • StatusText: XML popup is pushed to phone display, including text-only notification
  • LineText: Text-only notification is added beside existing phone line

Phone device tries to use above methods in the same order they are entered in command

If the LineText status is used, it's higly suggested disable the TAPI text-only lock notification, that is enabled by default on all phones monitored through CTI/TAPI, and it can only be disabled at global level by adding the following command into same ApplicationSuite.ini file:

Phone.DisableSetPhoneDisplay = 1

Lock notification message is fixed and localized for StatusFile, StatusText and TAPI methods.

If you assign LineText as a preferred notification method, you can customize lock text by editing the following file:

C:\Program Files(x86)\StonevoiceAS\Apps\StoneLock\Settings\StoneLock.ini

Please add the following command:

PhoneLockedLineTextPrefix=Phone is locked

Above "Phone is Locked" custom message is added before existing line text label, between brackets . As an example: “Line text” becomes “(Phone is locked) Line text”.

In same StoneLock.ini file, you can also configure max concurrent threads used to globally refresh IP Phones' displays. Default value is 20 threads:



Two log files available for troubleshooting:

  • \Var\Log\StoneLock.Core.Service\StoneLock.log
    • Need to raise logs to «DEBUG» level
    • It includes logs about lock/unlock notification messages sent to devices
  • \Var\Log\ApplicationSuite.Phone.ControlService\StoneLock.log
    • Includes additional, useful logs about status notifications
Article ID: 722
Last updated: 16 Sep, 2020
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