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Last updated: 29 Dec, 2016

IVR Manager provides Auto Attendant functionalities for Cisco Unified Communications environments.

Cisco voice gateways can be programmed with TCL scripts to answer incoming calls, prompt audio messages and connect with selected numbers/extensions. Imagicle IVR Manager programs the TCL engine to provide those functionalities.

IVR Manager provids an easy to use web interface to manage attendant scripts and send them to the gateways in your Cisco UC environment.

IVR Manager Global Administrators can define behaviors (scripts) to be activated on any gateway (ex: day, night, holidays) and related audio messages together with the schedules for activating them based on the local time of the gateway.

In multi-site or multi-tenant environments, Superusers can modify the behaviors of their site only.

Normal Users can temporarily change the current behavior through the web interface or directly from their IP Phone. for instance to set the "All Operator Busy" behavior during breaks or to manually activate the day/night behaviors when getting/leaving the office.

Main features

The IVR Manager provides ready to go scripts covering the most common needs. All the scripts are customizable with audio messages and destination numbers to be connected.

  • Basic Auto Attendant - Plays a welcome message, queue the call trying to connect to the operator
  • Multiple selections - Plays a welcome and wait for selection to connect based on the choise (1 for …, 2 for …, …)
  • Blast Call - Plays a welcome message and tries to connect a group of phones
  • Direct Inward Dial - Plays a welcome message and waits for selection to connect to a specific number/extension (DID simulation)
  • Hunt groups - Plays a welcome message and tries to connect the call to a list of phones
  • Night behavior - Plays message and connects to voicemail or drops the call
  • Many others available in the package (together with detailed description)

Additional scripts can be developed by Imagicle, please contact us for any special need.


The IVR Manager is intended for distributed Cisco UC environment to provide:

  1. Centralized web based management of auto attendant on a single server
  2. Creation of unlimited behaviors for the distributed gateways
  3. Send behavior to the gateway to be run locally (no WAN bandwidth usage)
    1. Una tantum connection to the gateway scripts, audio files, scheduling to be loaded
    2. Multi-tasking to send to several gateways concurrently

Note: IVR Manager requires one time configuration on the voice gateway to associate enable the script to a voice port or a dial-peer. Scripts cannot run if the voice port is configured in MGCP.

Article ID: 100
Last updated: 29 Dec, 2016
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