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Hotel Link - PMS Interface Module

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Last updated: 22 Jul, 2021

Hotel Services is an Imagicle commercial bundle including four UC Suite applications: Call Analytics, VoiceMail, Phone Lock and Hotel Link module.

Hotel Link is the UC Suite module which allows the communications between Imagicle UCS and PMS application, controlling the other applications to provide call costs, voicemail and phone lock.

Hotel Link is a windows service, and relays on the following UC Suite services:

  • PMSLink2, providing bidirectional message exchange with the PMS interface
  • Wakeup Service, placing the wakeup calls to the PBX room numbers and hosting the Maid Status voice service

To get the full functionality from the Hotel Services, you need the three applications licensed, configured and running.

Moreover, Hotel Link must be licensed, configured and running. PMSLink2 and the Wakeup service must be running too.

PMSLink2 Main Features

  • Supports multiple PMS protocols, allowing the UC Suite to provide the same functionality regardless the PMS
  • Message throttling, which prevents overloading the PMS interface and the Hotel Link service
  • Keep alive: if the protocol PMS allows it, a PING message is sent every 20 seconds to ensure the network link is alive
  • Automatic reconnection: if the network connection with the PMS interface is lost, an attempt is made to reconnect every 20 seconds
Article ID: 170
Last updated: 22 Jul, 2021
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