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Last updated: 31 Aug, 2020

Imagicle Hotel Pack adds hospitality features to the Cisco unified CallManager PBX, granting a complete integration with hundreds of Property Management Systems, like Micros Opera, Micros Fidelio, Fidelio Cruise, Infor, Protel, Galaxy, Agilysys Visual 1 and more.

Thanks to Imagicle Hotel Pack, the activity on the PMS front end, like checking in a guest, will automatically perform operations on the PBX, such as unlocking the external calls, displaying the guest name on the IP phone, and so on.

Such operations are not provided natively by Cisco Unified CallManager. Hotel Pack leverages the applications included in Imagicle Application Suite to perform them.

Hospitality Features provided by Imagicle Hotel Pack

  • Guest Name on the phone and on the line description. After the guest is checked in, the IP phone will display his/her name. If the guest calls the reception from the room, the reception IP phone will display the room number and guest name.
  • Phone Lock. When the room is in use, the guests will be allowed to place external calls from the room phones. When the guest check out, the room phones will only be allowed to reach internal numbers. The call history is also cleared at check out, for privacy reasons.
  • Call Costs Posting. Whenever a guest places an external call, its cost will be automatically reported to the PMS, which will include it in the guest folio.
  • Call Barring. Sometimes the guests should not be allowed to place calls to external number from the room phone. You can set a restricted class of service for the room phones directly from the PMS, and the room phones will only be allowed to reach internal numbers. Just like Phone Lock, but applies when the room is occupied.
  • Voicemail  (personal messages). Hotel Pack includes voicemail so the staff can leave messages when the guest is not in the room or does not answer to the phone. The message waiting indicator will automatically turn on, to inform the guest that messages are available.
  • Maid Status. The cleaning personnel will be able to call an internal number to change the cleaning status of the room directy from the room phones. A voice service, available in five languages, will help the caller to select the right choiche, so there is no need to memorize cleaning codes.
  • Wakeup Calls. You can schedule wakeup calls on the PMS. They will be executed by Hotel Pack, and the result (answered / not answered) will be reported to the PMS.
  • Guest Directory on the staff phones. Optionally, you can show and search the list of all the hotel guests on the reception IP phone (or other staff phones), to call them without knowing the room number.
  • Do Not Disturb: when you set the DND status for a room, all the room IP phones will be set in DND as well.

Imagicle Hotel Pack supports Room move, if available from the PMS. Room move is the ability to move the guest information, including voicemail messages, to another room. Hotel Pack can also be configured to lock hall phones and bill conference rooms calls.

A detailed description of the services is provided in the Hotel Services section of this guide.

Additional services for the hotel and for the staff

The following applications of the Imagicle Application Suite are not included in Hotel Pack, but can be added to provide functionalities to the staff:

  • Queue Manager Enterprise, to provide advanced ACD/IVR customer service to the Hotel
  • Blue’s Attendant Console, to provide Operator Console with guest info to the Hotel receptionist
  • StoneFax, to provide virtual IP Fax Server functionalities to the Hotel staff
  • Speedy Enterprise, to provide advanced external directory services and Caller ID to the Hotel staff

For example, the integration with the Attendant console allows the concierge or the operators to instantly look for a guest by name, and to transfer an external call to the room without even touching the phone.

Applications included in Imagicle Hotel Pack

Hotel services are provided by Imagicle Application Suite. Imagicle Hotel Pack for Cisco UC is a commercial bundle which includes four applications of the Imagicle Application Suite:

  • Billy Blue's 4, for call cost postings
  • StoneLock, to lock the phones
  • SSAM Enterprise, to provide voicemail
  • Hotel Link, to connect to the PMS, place the wakeup calls and provide other hotel services

While the other applications can be licensed individually, Hotel Link can only be bought in the Hotel Pack.

Network Architecture

Imagicle Hotel Pack communicates with the PMS through a permanent and bidirectional TCP link. The PMS vendor makes available an interface, which can be either hardware or software, usually installed at the Hotel. The purpose of the PMS interface is to let the PMS interact with external devices such as air conditioning, TV and PBXes. Imagicle Hotel Pack is seen as a PBX.

The TCP communication between Hotel Pack and the PMS interface leverages well known protocols, such as Fias, Mitel emulation, Uhll. The network configuration must allow the Imagicle Application Suite server to reach the hotel PMS interface. Firewall configuration is described in the "AppSuite Installation - Network Setup" section of this guide.

The one-time deployment and configuration of the PMS interface may imply additional charges for the customer, not dependent from Imagicle.

System Requirements

Hardware and Software requirements

Imagicle Hotel Pack is part of the Application Suite. Since Hotel Pack is a bundle of three applications, the hardware must be powerful enough to run three AppSuite applications concurrently. Please refer to the product page on Imagicle web site for details.

PMS - Software requirements

The list of PMS software compatible with Hotel Pack is available on the product page on Imagicle web site. Other PMS software supporting one of the standard hospitality protocols might be compatible. Contact Imagicle to request a verification.

IMPORTANT: Basing on the specific PMS vendor and model, an additional license or module could be required on the PMS software to support the required communication protocol. Following  the known parts number for some of them:

  • Oracle Opera (FIAS protocol): requires part number 5001-345 (FIAS_BUE)
  • UHLL compatible products: requires Comtrol Lodging Link, part number DMM-303.

 Please, contact your PMS reseller/mainteiner for additional details about the PMS requirements.

PMS - Configuration requirements

  • The room name (ID) the PMS interface sends to communicate must match the primary extension number of the room phones. E.g. the phone line in room 201 must be 201
  • Only numbers are supported for room naming. If you have rooms named with alphanumeric names (such as "Royal Suite"), in order to be supported by Imagicle Hotel Pack, they should be renamed with a numeric string matching the room extension number.

PBX requirements

Hotel Pack is compatible with CuCM 8.0 and above. Version 9.1 is recommended, allowing easier phone lock configuration. Suggested Phone Lock configuration is though Curri - ECC over translation patterns.

Additional PBX configuration requirements:

  • The PBX numbering plan must be flat. No overlapping numbers across different partitions.
  • All the room phones must share the same line number. The room phones must have one line only

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Last updated: 31 Aug, 2020
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