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How to configure Blue's Recorder with Alcatel OXO Connect 4.0

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Last updated: 30 Mar, 2021

Download the package available here and unzip it into a folder (e.g. C:\Repository)

Amend the file AlcatelOXOConnect\config\config.ini, these are the parameters:

  • oxo<INDEX>_targetHost: ip or hostname of Alcatel OXO Connect
  • oxo<INDEX>_useHttpsForTarget: 1 to use https or 0 to use http to connect to Alcatel OXO Connect (you can leave default: 1)
  • oxo<INDEX>_localPort: local port where the application listens for incoming connections

The 3 parameters above contain <INDEX>, this must be replaced by an index (both numbers and letters are fine) and it has been introduced to support multi instance installations. 

For example, if the customer has 2 OXO, the right way to configure the connections is:

oxo1_localPort=3000 #pay attention to use different local ports

oxo2_localPort=3001 #pay attention to use different local ports

Run with PowerShell the file AlcatelOXOConnect\install.ps1 using a user with administrative rights.

Open Blue's Enterprise configuration wizard and create a new PBX (if the PBX exists edit the existing one)

Under Communication settings change the IP address pointing to, using the local port configured above (default 3000)

Complete the configuration and verify that CDRs are coming to Blues Enterprise.

In case of issues please contact our support team.

Article ID: 833
Last updated: 30 Mar, 2021
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