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How to remove the ringback tone for calls landing to QME/IVR SIP trunk

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Last updated: 30 Nov, 2017

Applies to:

  • Queue Manager Enterprise (CISCO UC)
  • IVR for QME (CISCO UC)


The CUCM will play a ringback tone for incoming calls to ACD. To remove this ringback tone, a SIP Normalization Script must be used. The script will process any SIP messages coming from QME and will discard any 180 ringing.


  1. Log in into CUCM
  2. Create SIP Normalization script
    1. Go to Device -> device settings -> SIP normalization script
    2. Click AddNew
    3. Click Import File and upload the attached file
    4. Enter a name, such as “DiscardIncoming180Ringing”
    5. Click Save
  3. Go to  Device -> Trunk
  4. Find and edit SIP Trunk for QME
  5. Within “SIP Information” section, find “Normalization Script”
  6. Choose the script “DiscardIncoming180Ringing”
  7. Save and Reset trunk
Article ID: 528
Last updated: 30 Nov, 2017
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