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Disaster Recovery HA Configuration for UCMA-based Queue Manager Enterprise

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Last updated: 19 Jun, 2019

Skype for Business Standard Front-End pools in Disaster Recovery

Imagicle High Availability applies also when S4B environment implements a redundant DR architecture, including two front-end pools installed in different data centers. See following paragraph to apply a configuration which allows to properly route QME calls to active Imagicle server, from active S4B FE pool.

Skype for Business DR pools

See below S4B topology sample, involving two FE pools in different branches: Magenta and Treviso

Disabling replication on both TrustedApplicationPool

While configurations are different between two application servers, you first need to disable data replication by unflagging below option:

Trusted Application Pools definition

Please define two Trusted Application Pools, pointing respectively to each Imagicle HA node, by following the standard procedure explained here.

Once done, you can enter PowerShell command: Get-CsTrustedApplicationPool to check correct T.A.P. creation:

Trusted Applications definition

Please define two Trusted Applications, pointing respectively to each Imagicle HA node on port 14002, by following the standard procedure explained here.

Once done, you can enter PowerShell command: Get-CsTrustedApplication to check correct Trusted Apps creation:

Trusted Application Endpoint definition

Please define a single Trusted Application Endpoint, pointing to primary Imagicle HA node, by following the standard procedure explained here. Don't forget to enter the command Enable-CsTopology to enable applied configurations.

Once done, you can enter PowerShell command: Get-CsTrustedApplicationEndpoint to check correct T.A.E. creation:

Imagicle ApplicationSuite configurations

Please access to primary Imagicle ApplicationSuite web portal, using administrator credentials, and select the following web menu: Queue Manager ⇒ Skype for Business Settings. Enter the following data:

  • Skype for Business Server:        FQDN of S4B DC1 Front-End
  • Application Contact URI:            Application SIP URI, as defined in above T.A.E.
  • Application GRUU:                     Service GRUU, displayed with Get-CsTrustedApplication command
  • Certificate name:                        OCSConnector
  • Application host:                         FQDN of primary Imagicle server
  • Application port:                         14002

Repeat same configuration on secondary Imagicle ApplicationSuite web portal, as shown below:

PowerShell command to swap service to the other S4B pool

In case of DC operations switchover (Disaster Recovery), you must manually enter the following command, from either primary or secondary S4B Front End, to allow Trusted Application Endpoint move from primary Trusted Application Pool to secondary one:

Move-CsApplicationEndpoint -Identity [TrustedApplicationEndPointSipAddress]  

As per our sample environment, the command becomes:

Move-CsApplicationEndpoint -Identity

Article ID: 682
Last updated: 19 Jun, 2019
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