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How to change the wakeup call voice prompt

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Last updated: 27 Apr, 2022

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Imagicle Hotel Pack


Change the default wakeup call audio prompt


Up to Imagicle 2022.Winter.1 release

  1. Prepare a .wav music file (PCM uncompressed, mono, 8KHz)
  2. Copy your new wakeup message in this folder (in this example the audio is named "NewWakeupMessage.wav"): <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\HotelLink\Locale\en\SystemPrompts
  3. Open this folder: <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\HotelLink\Settings
  4. Edit this file: HotelLink.Media.Service.config.xml
  5. Add the following lines  
<configuration version="" >
<preference key="service.StateMachineConfig.wakeup_msg" value="~\..\..\Locale\en\SystemPrompts\NewWakeupMessage.wav" />
<preference key="service.StateMachineConfig.CallDuration" value="60" />

The first line (wakeup_msg) is the relative path and name of the audio file. ("NewWakeupMessage.wav" in our example).

The second line (CallDuration) set the maximum duration of the wakeup call in seconds (60 seconds in our example).

CallDuration parameter applies from the moment the guest answers the call; note that the audio message is not played continuously, it is played once. So if the audio message length is lesser than max duration, the guest will hear silence at the end of the call. If the audio message length is higher than max duration, the message will be truncated.

The advice is to create an audio message which fades out towards the end, and set max duration parameter to the length of the audio message plus 5 seconds.

From Imagicle 2022.Winter.2 onward

Multiple languages are supported and relevant default voice prompts have been already uploaded in EN, IT, DE, ES, FR and AR.

  1. Edit the following file:  <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\HotelLink\Settings\HotelLink.Media.Service.config.xml
  2. Add the following line between <configuration> statements:

<preference key="service.StateMachineConfig.wakeup_msg" value="~\..\..\Locale\{language}\SystemPrompts\WakeUpService.wav" />
  1. Save file

Wakeup call voice prompt is played in the language chosen at room's check-in. If guest language is different than above six languages, then English is applied.

Article ID: 574
Last updated: 27 Apr, 2022
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