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Call Distribution based on caller's area code

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Last updated: 27 Jul, 2022

This article details how to configure Advanced Queuing to perform a call distribution based on caller country area code, provided the countries are among the ones built in into the Imagicle UC Suite (English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic).

If other languages are required, please get in touch with Imagicle for an on-project based customization.

Imagicle Advanced Queuing provides a built-in script that allows incoming calls to be automatically distributed to the proper queue by applying the following algorithm:

  • all incoming calls arrive on <Orig_Q_N>, which the Original Queue Number;
  • the script detects caller country area code;
  • calls are then distributed to the proper <Language_Based__Q_N>[1-6] queue.

The localized queue numbers are composed by the original queue number with an appended suffix, as follows:

  • <Orig_Q_N>1 for English and unrecognized languages
  • <Orig_Q_N>2 for Italian;
  • <Orig_Q_N>3 for French;
  • <Orig_Q_N>4 for Spanish;
  • <Orig_Q_N>5 for German;
  • <Orig_Q_N>6 for Arabic;

As such, a call coming from +4989432652 to queue 8010 will be automatically routed to queue 80105, as 5 identifies German localized queue.

Configuration steps.

  1. Configure two Route Patterns to route calls both to the main queue and to the localized ones (in this example, RPs are: 801X and 8010X);
  2. Add in Advanced Queuing a new queue  (number <Orig_Q_N>);

  1. Go on edit queue settings, and select time table;

  1. Select the proper time zone to apply time table.
    Please, notice that the daylight saving time automatically applies to the selected time zone. 

  1. Click on “Add new Schedule” and unflag “use default settings”

Set "Closed" and  "Voice Message" to built-in 'Script - Route by caller language'

  1. For each language in scope, it is required to configure in Advanced Queuing the related queue, corresponding to the localized queue as per <Orig_Q_N> + suffix and associate to each of them the proper behavior. Suffix must follow the described pattern.

Please note that it is always possible to also call directly any of the personalized queues using their relevant <Orig_Q_N> + suffix number.

Article ID: 576
Last updated: 27 Jul, 2022
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