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How to apply different billing tariffs, for different users' departments

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Last updated: 30 Mar, 2018

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Imagicle Billy Blue's


Billy Blue's allows to differentiate call costs on a same gateway by department field, normally populated in Imagicle users' database during CUCM or AD or LDAP import.

To apply this configuration, please follow below procedure.

  • Access to Imagicle server (via RDP) and launch Billy Blue's Configuration Wizard.

  • Hit Next several times until you reach the gateway list.

  • Select the gateway where you want to apply the tariffs by department and click on Configure.
  • Hit Next until you reach the Driver selection page. Please select "Call Manager (Tariff by Department)" and hit Next.

  • Hit Next until you reach the Tariffs selection page. Here you should prepare two or more different tariffs, to be applied on different departments. Instructions about how to edit a tariff are available here:
  • Please move (at least 2) chosen tariffs from "Available tariffs:" ⇒ "Tariffs to be used:"

  • Hit Next until you reach LCR Calculation Table. Select Advanced Mode and click on Details..

  • You will get an "Advanced LCR" window similar to below screenshot

  • Click on "Delete all" button to remove default settings. Then click on "Add" to start adding the first tariff associated to first department. Sample below refers to "Sales" dept. and tariff applied is "Qatar".

  • Click OK to add tariff. Then you can click Add to add another dept. and relevant tariff.

  • Final results are available into "Advanced LCR" window. Below sample shows two dept. and two tariffs.

  • Once done, hit OK. Then just hit Next until you go back to gateway list. You can repeat same procedure for other gateways. Once done, just hit next few times until you exit the Wizard.
Article ID: 585
Last updated: 30 Mar, 2018
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