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How to retrieve fax activity reports - understanding Stonefax reports

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Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021

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Digital Fax


How to retrieve fax activity reports


To build activity reports, Digital Fax relies on standard Microsoft Fax Services.
Inbox and Outbox reports are enabled by default; however the user may want to set higher detail.

Check that activity logs are enabled, and set detail level, by opening the Microsoft Fax Service Manager.
Click Start | Programs | Accessories | Communications | Fax | Fax Service Manager  and then right click
Fax (local) on the right pane and choose Properties.

Select the Activity Logging tab and check that logging is enabled.
You can also enter the location in which the log files will be written.
By default it is C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows NT\MSFax\ActivityLog

Tick "Log incoming fax activity" and "Log outgoing fax activity".
Then select Event Reports tab and move all the sliders to the right (High).

File Format:

The report files contain tab-delimited entries that can be viewed by standard analysis programs (for instance Ms Excel).
The first line is a header with field names.
The fields are:


  • Status
  • Error Description
  • Error Code
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Device
  • Queue
  • File Size
  • CSID
  • TSID
  • CallerID
  • Routing Info
  • Pages


  • Job ID
  • Parent Job ID
  • Submission Time
  • Scheduled
  • Status
  • Error Description
  • Error Code
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Device
  • Dialed Number
  • CSID
  • TSID
  • Pages
  • Total Pages
  • Queue File Name
  • Document
  • File Size
  • Retries
  • Server Cover Page
  • Cover Page Subject
  • Cover Page Note
  • User Name
  • Sender Name
  • Sender Fax Number
  • Sender Company
  • Sender Street
  • Sender City
  • Sender Zip Code
  • Sender Country/Region
  • Sender Title
  • Sender Department
  • Sender Office
  • Sender Home Phone
  • Sender Office Phone
  • Sender EMail
  • Recipient Name
  • Recipient Fax Number
  • Recipient Company
  • Recipient Street
  • Recipient City
  • Recipient Zip Code
  • Recipient Country/Region
  • Recipient Title
  • Recipient Department
  • Recipient Office
  • Recipient Home Phone
  • Recipient Office Phone
  • Recipient EMail
  • Billing Code

Article ID: 368
Last updated: 29 Jul, 2021
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