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How to change Blue's Attendant font size

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Last updated: 24 Jul, 2020

Applies to:

Blue's Attendant and Blue's One Enterprise clients, starting from 2020.Summer.1 release


This article explains how to change Blue's Attendant font size in 5 different display areas:

  1. Text within contacts and call lists
  2. Header text of contacts and call lists
  3. Text within a FlySearch panel
  4. Phone number on main display (input box) 
  5. Phone number on main display (incoming call) 


  • Make sure that user you want to tweak is not logged in with BAE/BAP/BOE
  • Please access to Imagicle VM through Remote Desktop and locate the following personal profile’s settings file: C:\Program Files (x86)\StonevoiceAS\Settings\Users\<user_initials>\<username>\Attendant.UserSettings.config.xml   where:
    • <user_initials> = First username letter
    • <username> = Actual user’s IAS username
  • Edit file with Notepad++ and add or amend the following settings, corresponding to above list:
    • <preference key="Appearence.CustomFontSize.RowDataTable" value="18" />
    • <preference key="Appearence.CustomFontSize.HeaderDataTable" value="18" />
    • <preference key="Appearence.CustomFontSize.FlySearchTextInput" value="18" />
    • <preference key="Appearence.CustomFontSize.CallDisplayNumberInput" value="18" />
    • <preference key="Appearence.CustomFontSize.CallDisplayPhoneNumber" value="18" />
  • Settings values (in red) are in dots. Do not exceed 18 dots, to avoid unreadable GUI.
  • In same file, you can also amend overall font profile, through this setting:
    • <preference key="Appearence.FontSize" value="Medium" />
  • Available values are: Small, Medium and Large
  • Save file. Settings are applied on the fly and they will be available at next BAE login

Article ID: 771
Last updated: 24 Jul, 2020
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