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How to increase the limit of joining parties to conference using BAE/BAP (Imagicle Operator Console)

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Last updated: 12 Feb, 2018
to version Application Suite 201x (any version)

Applies to:

Imagicle Blue's Attendant (Operator Console)


By default the BAE/BAP (Operator Console) can make up to 4 conference calls


  1. Navigate to: <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\ApplicationSuite\Settings
  2. Open the file: ApplicationSuite.Phone.Control.config.xml
  3. Add in <configuration> section the line:
    <preference key="conference.max.parties" value="2" />
    Where 2 is the number of joinable parties. 
    Note: Set 0 for unlimited
  4. Save
  5. Restart the service "Telephony service" in Windows services

Article ID: 560
Last updated: 12 Feb, 2018
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