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Last updated: 24 May, 2018

The TSP (Telephony Service Provider) is an interface between the PBX and the Windows Operating System. Once installed, it works as a system driver which interacts with the PBX through TCP and allows making calls, monitoring and controlling IP phones. This is also known as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

On the Windows platform, applications interact with the TSP through TAPI (Telephony Application Programmers Interface).

Some Imagicle Applications need a TSP installed on the same server on which they run.

Cisco Imagicle

CTI configuration is usually accomplished in these steps:

  • Device association: work on the PBX to create a list of devices to be controlled through TAPI
  • TSP Installation: download and configure a solution specific driver

The following Imagicle applications require a TSP to be correctly installed and configured on the server:

  • Queue Manager Enterprise
  • StoneLock
  • Budget Control
  • Blue's Attendant Server / CTI server (covers Blue's Attendant Professional and Enterprise editions, Blue's One Enterprise)

You can find the detailed setup procedures under each application section.

Note: CTI integration is not natively available for the CuCME telephony platform. For that platform, a CSTA driver is available on project basis. Please contact Imagicle for more information.

Article ID: 9
Last updated: 24 May, 2018
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