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Configuring an alternative IAS node as Blue's Attendant Callrecorder (within the same cluster)

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Last updated: 28 Jan, 2019
to version Application Suite 201x (any version)

Applies to

Application Suite Winter 2019 or newer


Imagicle now supports the possibility for an Attendant Console to specify which Call Recorder within a cluster should be used. 


To configure an Attendant Server with a remote Call Recorder the following configuration file has to be amended \StonevoiceAS\Apps\Attendant\Settings\Attendant.Local.ini adding the below keys (according to the directions in Attendant.Local.defaults file)


In the BaseURL field the address of the remote Call Recorder must be entered specifying the protocol used, the destination host (IP address or hostname) and the port: ex. or

The BusNodeId field, on the other hand, must be configured with the node Id a.k.a. installation address of the cluster node that will be used as a Call Recorder.

The file is not replicated.

After configuring Attendant Server has been configured as described, log file Var\Log\Attendant.Core.ConsoleServerService\Attendant.log.txt will show the following log lines, indicating calls to the GetSettings and LiveRecordings services specifying remote Call Recorder URI

[Attendant] [RecorderClientsFactory] Invoking LiveRecordings service: URI {https://la133:8443/fw/Apps/Recorder/WebAPI/LiveRecordings/?directoryNumber=200101}, Method {GET}

[Attendant] [RecorderClientsFactory] Invoking Recorder Settings service: URI {https://la133:8443/fw/Apps/Recorder/WebAPI/Internal/Settings/GetSettings}, Method {GET} 


  • Call Recorder and Attendant Server have to be part of the same cluster;
  • On each Attendant Server it is possible to configure only one remote Call Recorder and delegate it the call recording functions
Article ID: 643
Last updated: 28 Jan, 2019
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