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Use Application Suite in https for IAS version < 2014.6.1

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Last updated: 19 Feb, 2018

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Application Suite up to Spring 2014 (from 2014.6.1 onwards https is out-of-the-box) and Windows 2003


How to use Application Suite with https protocol instead of http


Old Application Suite can be used via HTTPS after having applied a manual configuration to the server.

Firstly you need to install a certificate on the server in order to activate the protocol.

Thanks to the installed certificate, https can be activated for fw and fwbib virtual folders and it must be activated on both.

Concerning asp / aspx interface, the protocol is transparent but the client returns a security warning if the authority that generated the certificate is unknown. (if it's not a trusted public CA)

In this case requests coming directly from third party telephones and applications do not work.

It is necessary that pages or folders requested directly by telephone browsers are still used in standard http.

The same can be said for some pages that are requested in loopback. 

In order to achieve this please follow the steps:
Internet Information Service | right click "fw" and "fwbib"| Properties | Directory Security | In Security Communications click "Edit" and disable "Require secure channel (SSL)"

This must be done for:
All the applications:
- Authenticate.asp file in the installation folder
- Folder AppsFWAPI

For specific applications:
- Folder AppsSpeedyServerXML (used in Speedy url directories)
- Folder AppsQMCServerXML (used by QueueManager service url's)
- Folder AppsIvoryXML (used by Ivory service url's)
- Folder AppsStoneLockXML (used by Stonelock service url's)

Check the other URL's if any, that must be configured on the telephone system, that are indicated by the documentation.

Those listed are the main ones. If an application is not used, you do not need to configure it.

Stonefax does not require specific modifications, only those two main ones.

In order to completely disable https protocol on one of the folders listed above, you need to change the status of the folder and all of its subfolders.

Article ID: 346
Last updated: 19 Feb, 2018
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