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How to select which server have the ability to sync the users in a Imagicle cluster - HA

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Last updated: 06 Dec, 2020
Applies from Application Suite 2016.6.1

Applies to:

Summer 2016 and later


In a Imagicle cluster, only one server can synchronize users from CUCM/AD/LDAP.
By default the first server where you enable the users synch is the elected one (normally it is the first server of a cluster).
Follow this procedure if you need to manage one of the following situations:

  • the main server is out of order and you want to configure the secondary server to continue syncing users;
  • none of the servers in the cluster looks enabled to synchronize users (this could happen if the NodeID of a server has been changed) 


Please proceed as follow applying these modifications on BOTH servers (unless impossible on primary):

1. Stop the service "Imagicle Synchronizer" from the windows service console
2. Open the file <StonevoiceAS>\Apps\Fw\Settings\FW.Sync.Service.config.xml
3. Modify the key "scheduler.execution.nodeid" setting the NodeID of the suite node you want to use (you can read the NodeId in the support web page).

For example:

Old value:
<preference key="scheduler.execution.nodeid" value="imgfax-da" />

New value:
<preference key="scheduler.execution.nodeid" value="imgfax-ny" />

4. Save and close the file.
5. Start the service "Imagicle Synchronizer" from the Windows services console.

Article ID: 569
Last updated: 06 Dec, 2020
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