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Troubleshooting Cisco Webex Calling Integrations Authorizations

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Last updated: 14 Dec, 2023

If the authorization procedure for Imagicle apps fails with the following error message: "Access denied - Your administrator denied access to the integration you selected. We captured your request and will let them know".

Then you can selectively authorize Imagicle applications by accessing Webex Control Hub ⇒ Apps ⇒ Integrations and locate Imagicle apps by Integration ID:

  • Imagicle UCX Suite Users' Synch from Control Hub:
  • Imagicle Attendant Console Webex Presence Retrieval:
  • Imagicle Attendant Console Call Control:
  • Imagicle Call Analytics CDRs retrieval from Control Hub:
  • Imagicle SSO against Cisco Control Hub:

Please consult relevant Cisco documentation here.

Admin User Authorizer

The authorization process involves a Full Admin user from the customer which, through own Webex account, authorizes Imagicle Integrations. This user should never disable presence status sharingThe authorizations may automatically expire as soon as the authorizing user changes own password. Once the authorization is removed, UCX Cloud Suite won't be able to retrieve events related to one or multiple authorizations. To recover the feature, a new authorization process must be executed. 

This limitation does not apply if the authorizing user logs in Webex leveraging SSO using an external identity provider.

If SSO in not enable, a user password by default expires after five years, as per the documentation (and an admin user can be created without requiring additional licenses).

This limitation is related to the authentication flow implemented by Webex, namely OAuth2 Authorization Code flow, that implies impersonating a user while accessing the Webex APIs. We are working with Cisco to remove this limitation.

The token is invalidated also in these two cases:

  • Authorizing Webex user is deactivated
  • Full Admin privileges are removed from the authorizing Webex user
Article ID: 979
Last updated: 14 Dec, 2023
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